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Ray Guzman specializes in creating art in different forms of media like watercolors, landscapes, portraits, and enamel on metal. His artistic talents cross over into his daily work as a craftsman and sign painter and designer as owner of Hoboken Sign Shop. By day, Ray creates content and branding in the form of graphics, signage, logos, and branding elements for his client base going back some 30 years.


As an artist he is inspired by being “open” to all forms of media, outdoor life, people watching, landscapes and situational events that become the basis for his artistic endeavors. As a young man he was inspired and   practiced his budding talents in the arts with his uncle, master artist Frank J. Rod. To further hone his craft, he attended The School of Visual Arts in NYC.


Ray crafted his art-forms through sign making and has become the “go to” person for signage throughout Hoboken and Jersey City. As his business flourished, so did his love and passion for creating fine art. Exploring painting, carving, and sculpting, he continued to test the boundaries of what was possible with using everything from specialized paints and customized canvasses.


His talent stack includes techniques like creating backgrounds for his art; Hammering metal, clay-board and sculpted paper Ray lays the groundwork for the realism of his art and his efforts ultimately insure each piece is truly one of a kind.


Originals and Limited Prints Available for Purchase


You can own an original or purchase prints. The moods Ray Guzman creates in his art is timeless. His use of color pulls your eye into the subject matter with masterful use of light, shadow, and texture.

You can own one of his master original works (call for availability and pricing).

Ray also offers signed and numbered prints of his master works – Click here for details and pricing. https://www.rayguzmanstudios.com/shop

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450 Seventh Street Suite LL8 Hoboken, NJ.