My work is a reflection on our efforts to do a good job everyday no matter what it is. Be it a farmer, a tug boat operator or in the trades. I celebrate these endeavors through the gift of my paintings. The pleasures and rewards of doing a good job through hard work, dedication, and commitment is what they strive for. Painting for me is a wonderful form in which to express these values. Painting is my work, I love my work, It allows me to reach into the souls of what and who I paint with an open mind.


My subject matter may be U.S. presidents, people, landscapes, tractors, or abandoned tug boats, they all have a story to tell. I think of myself as a visual listener. I listen with my eyes and my heart. I retell their stories through art, with color, composition and unique materials to represent a complete tale of these experiences.

  I am a Working Class Artist. Follow this link to read more.

© 2019 by RAY GUZMAN

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450 Seventh Street Suite LL8 Hoboken, NJ.