Ray Guzman – Artist

   His subject matter is as varied as his media: landscapes, farm tractors, portraits, cityscapes, abandoned trucks, and maritime relics. “Painting requires me to look and listen to the subject matter. It tells me what medium is best for the image at that moment”


His artistic talents cross over into his daily work as a craftsman,  sign painter and designer. He treads a well known path as a sign painter turned fine artist in the realm of  Eric Sloan and

James Rosenquist.

 Ray currently lives and works out of his studio in Hoboken, New Jersey and paints at his farm house in Starrucca, Pa.


Originals and Limited Prints Available for Purchase

You can own one of his master original works (call for availability and pricing).

Ray also offers signed and numbered prints of his master works – Click here for details and pricing. https://www.rayguzmanstudios.com/shop

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