Born in the Bronx, New York, Ray Guzman was nurtured in the rhythm of urban culture, the roar of Yankee Stadium, the rumble of the elevated subway tracks and the green oasis of the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Possessing an innate eye and appreciation for city and country landscapes, Mr. Guzman is a gifted painter who poetically captures Zen like tranquility in urban rooftop vistas and breathes nostalgic life into rusting vehicle and tractor carcass within the serenity of a bucolic countryside


 Comfortably traversing between the seemingly unnatural balance between manmade intervention and God and Nature, Ray brings a divine radiance to transcendent visuals through light and texture. A natural proficiency to work in multiple mediums and techniques provides Ray with the pure sensorial connectivity that is the act of creation.


 The physical immersion and God given joy in the act of painting is life affirming for Ray. The power of that connection is earthly and heavenly, terra firma and sky and the life journey in between. The yin and yang of life is what connects each of us to our inner core of warm memories, of times past and treasured, and to our central dreams. Through mind, body and spirit, viewers and collectors of Ray’s paintings respond to the comfort and timeless presence his paintings instill in them.

© 2019 by RAY GUZMAN

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450 Seventh Street Suite LL8 Hoboken, NJ.