​Ray Guzman Artist

 In an extensive career that spans decades, my paintings reflect my deep connections to the world.

 What perhaps starts as an innocent foray into landscape painting becomes an intense experiment in blurring the lines of tradition with a mixed media interpretation of a sprawling urban landscape. 

 Striking a balance between the vision of reality and the perception of the viewer is a critical challenge for artists. I try to master the necessary discipline to create without being tethered to conventional definitions of aesthetics. I invite the viewer to become an active participant in the artwork and engage in open discourse: what am I looking at? How does it make me feel? And how do my thoughts and feelings influence my definition of beauty and art?


 This has enabled me to consistently stay connected to my practice and be inspired to create.  My work is uncompromising and the striking visuals and capability to paint diverse subjects, empowers viewers to think differently and embrace beauty through unexpected channels.


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