Enamel On Metal

  Industrial and Rustic Enamel on Metal Paintings

I enjoy working with enamel on metal; it can create stunning works. Over the years, I have honed my technique, whether creating animated portraits or conveying specific time and place in an urban or rural setting.


As a Hoboken artist, much of my work is influenced by my surroundings. I draw inspiration from what I see around me, and as an artist, I attempt to capture it. It is important to find beauty in our daily lives, whether we live in an urban hub or on a rural farm. My works often shift between the two - many are urban and industrial locations, but I also enjoy more rural settings, whether such as a spring or a meadow. I have the opportunity, as a Hoboken artist, to explore and see many different environments and settings. The important thing is to find beauty wherever you are and take a moment to appreciate it.


For example, my enamel on metal painting Truck Tribe is a representation of an actual working yard. The scene changes daily. I created the work from onsite sketches and also from photos.


The Phillip T. Feeney tug I found on Staten Island. It really captured my attention and I have painted a watercolor of it as well as enamel on metal. Built in 1892, it originally was christened the "Germania" and worked the Erie Canal. Since this piece was created, the ship has been dismantled and scrapped. I'm glad I was able to capture it and preserve it through my art before it was lost forever.


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