Landscape Paintings

  Oil on Canvas Landscape Paintings

I've painted several oil on canvas landscape paintings that seek to create the essence and feel of a place and convey that to the viewer.


Hoboken Tempest is an urban landscape and a special piece to me as I am a Hoboken-based artist. The view was assembled from three different perspectives with three sources of light. This moody oil canvase landscape evokes a real sense of place for the viewer.


Waterfall Trilogy is linen on three quarter round poplar wood framework oil canvas. The piece, created entirely from my imagination, captures the exhilarating sound and sense of a waterfall. It also is an analogy on life and death was influenced by a series of Hanga woodcut prints I created with my mentor Bill Paden, a Great Hanga master.


Box's Pond is a multi-oil media on linen. This area is near my home, and I’m very familiar with it. I was excited to convey this place as a landscape painting and share it with others. My goal was to capture the essence of the landscape - the stillness and the peacefulness of this rural setting. I wanted to capture the distant background in a light hand by gradually building a bold contrast with striking drawing and paint marks in the foreground.


Simpson Quarry Spring is an oil on canvas painting that was created entirely onsite in Plein Aire. This quarry spring was nestled in rough terrain enabling the light to remain constant for the duration of the painting process, which was very fortuitous. The painting captures the flow of the spring, giving the viewer a real sense and feel of it.


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