• Ray Guzman

The grand “Hoboken Tempest” painting comes to Hoboken this fall.

Updated: Sep 27

The Hoboken Historical museum has invited me to exhibit my work in a one man show, featuring The “Hoboken Tempest”. Oct 3- Nov.1.

This original painting measures 10 Ft. x 54”, was conceived from my studio apartment above the Jersey City heights in 1979. This composition was created with 3 points of perspective and 3 sources of light, influenced by the view of Toledo by “El Greco”.

Hoboken has changed through the years to become a somewhat different and affluent but still an ever vibrant community. This is my tribute to this wonderful town. At the time I painted this, Maxwell House Coffee, the Shipyards & The World Trade Center were still in full swing in all their glory. (see upper left & right side of the painting)


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