Trump Art

Wide Selection of Portrait Paintings Including Trump Art

Painting the 45th president was a new and exciting direction for me. The inspiration to begin painting President Trump seemed to come from nowhere, but eventually, I had to embrace it. I've painted the president several times, and each presented challenges. I created my own rules - I would approach my Trump art as an artist. I would not be doing a parody or attacking him. The images would be non-political and rather an attempt to capture images that were representative of our times through portrait painting.


The Trump art is enamel paint on aluminum. My portraits attempt to capture the president as he is - an animated person who is not shy about expressing himself. The Trump piece entitled "Family Portrait" focused on the children during the president's inaugural. The piece honed in on the innocence of the children during a politically charged moment. The image spoke to me as a father, a grandfather, and as an artist. I wanted to present a part of the event that reflected innocence.


The Trump art I created was not a complete departure from my other portrait paintings in terms of style. The departure was more in terms of the subject matter. My other portrait paintings include "Renata," an oil on canvas of my wife, and "Ronnie," and oil on linen portrait of a woman I deeply admire and her children.


Other portrait paintings include "Our Wake," a life-size figurative painting. This oil on canvas portrait was painted from live models and onsite photographs. "Life with Frank" is an oil on linen portrait of Frank Mazzeo. "Mike & Jack" is a portrait of two cousins - a poet and a writer. They posed for me in my studio.


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