Watercolor Paintings

  The Beauty of Watercolor Paintings

My watercolors explore the urban landscape, finding beauty in objects that we might simply pass by without giving a second thought to but in the right context can become an extraordinary piece of art. My paintings reflect my deep connections to the world. One of the things I try to do is to create without being tied to the conventional views of beauty and art. I want the viewer to become an active participant in the artwork, and that is reflected in my watercolor paintings.


This style and approach shows in many of my paintings that are for sale.


Watercolor paintings such as the Coffee Cup Tow Truck find beauty in an object and also tell a story. The story is in the details from the wire hanging off a frontend light to the wheels, which have slowly sunken into the ground. This was a working vehicle, once essential to someone and now slowly decaying. But even as it decays, there's a beauty to it.


Another painting for sale that continues this motif is Joan's Tractor. You can see the individual working pieces of the engine and feel the power of the tractor. This is an essential piece of machinery, but this piece is in its prime, ready to do the necessary work.


One of my favorite watercolor paintings is a rendering of the Cotter. The Cotter is the oldest operating fireboat in service in the U.S. The boat serves The City of Buffalo and, in the winter, is also an icebreaker. My watercolor painting captures the Cotter in action, fighting a fire.



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